Index for Example Screens

Professor’s Comment’s
A Market Commentary written by The Professor periodically during the week. Describes actions of the previous market, outlook for the coming market and specific thing’s to watch. Could include special actions, charts and indicators.
Weekend Strategy Review
A Market Commentary written by the Professor reviewing past week activity with market senarios possible for the coming week. May include charts covering the market, indicators or stock actions.
Dean’s List
The Professor has developed a computer model that tracks certain characteristics of stocks, and identifies those companies that meet certain decision criteria. The list comprises over 2500 mainly ETFs and is called "The Dean’s List".
Member’s Watch List
This differs from the Dean’s List in that both Stock’s and Etf’s are listed and are selected by the Member’s.
Honor Roll
The Honor Roll is the result of the Member’s Watch List after it has been filter by Emeritus, a propriatrery algorthim of the Professor’s. It details if it is a candidate for a long or short trade. This is used in conjunction with SUMIND and Money Flow.
Cockpit Data
Need a quick overview of the markets, moneyflow, trends and guidance for changes then look at the Market Signals box (Cockpit Data). It provides a quick snap shot of the markets strengths and weaknesses.


As always, the Professor never makes recommendations. The information is provided on an educational basis so you can have informed discussions with your financial advisors and/or accountants about your individual investment decisions.

All of the commentary expressed in this site and any attachments are opinions of the author, subject to change, and provided for educational purposes only. Nothing in this commentary or any attachments should be considered as trading advice. Trading any financial instrument is RISKY and may result in loss of capital including loss of principal. Past performance is not indicative of future results. Always understand the RISK before you trade.