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    1. Addressee: - Select a MARKET 101 Addressee. (1 of 5)

    2. USER NAME: - Enter your User Name if a member in the User Name field (6 to 25 characters). If you are logged on, your USERNAME will be displayed. Any alphanumeric character plus dash, underscore and period.

    3. FROM: - Enter Your email address in the FROM field. If you are logged on, your email address will be displayed.

    4. SUBJECT: - Enter the subject in the SUBJECT field. Any alphanumeric character plus coma, underscore, period, colon, apostrophe and space (From 4 to 60 characters).

    5. Briefly describe input: - Any alphanumeric character up to 3000 characters.

    6. SEND EMAIL: - Select the Email Form button to send the E-mail.

    7. Clear Form: - Select the Clear Form button to CLEAR all input.

    8. Cancel Form: - Select the Cancel Form button to Cancel this operation and go to the HOME page.